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The veterinary nurses at NiVS

Advanced Veterinary Nursing

Advanced Veterinary Nursing

Nursing is an integral part of veterinary referral and here at NiVS is no different. Our nurses are all fully qualified and registered with the RCVS. With over 20 years combined referral nursing experience, the team is led by Shirley Bell and Grainne Kelly who have both gained advanced nursing qualifications.

Patient care is our highest priority and our compassionate team will care for your patients and pets throughout all stages of their stay in hospital. Nurses at NiVS are involved in all aspects of patient care, from looking after them in wards to monitoring anaesthesia in theatre. Care at night is just as important as care during the day and we have a dedicated team of night nurses in the wards throughout the night supported by one of our veterinary interns.

Specific interests and further education opportunities are encouraged here at NiVS, allowing the nursing team to be at the top of their field. Each patient is nursed as an individual with their own unique care plan, ensuring the very best care for your patients and pets.

What does a day as a NiVS nurse entail?

Nursing at NiVS is a varied and challenging role. Our inpatient nurses look after all patients throughout their stay in hospital. This includes feeding, walking and medicating, as well as performing other procedures such as blood sampling and placement of intravenous catheters. Another important aspect of inpatient nursing is bonding interactions with our patients. Activities such as physiotherapy, walks and encouraging feeding all help our nurses get to know the patients and encourage a positive stay while they are with us in hospital.

We also have our theatre nurses who help with surgical procedures and imaging. Tasks such as preparing theatre, monitoring anaesthesia and giving pain relief, as directed by a vet, are all included in a theatre nurse’s role. In conjunction with the Specialist, they develop a unique care plan for hospitalised patients. Other duties include taking x-rays, using the CT (computed tomography) machine and assisting  the cardiologists with cardiac procedures.

The team

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